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INFORMATION: CREW seeking to work in NZ

The NZFVTG receives many requests for information from overseas crew who wish to work in the New Zealand screen production industry. The Guild welcomes international crew who have obtained appropriate documentation to work in NZ, but notes the following: 

  • Guild Membership is not a requirement for working in the NZ Screen Production Industry. No employment or immigration advantage is gained by joining the Guild.
  • No individual* is permitted to work in New Zealand unless they hold a vaild work permit, or working holiday visa, issued by Immigration New Zeland.
  • Crew are never required to communicate directly with Guild as part of an immigration process (see Short Term Work for more information)

*New Zealand & Australian passport holders are permitted to work in NZ without specific documentation. See more on our general info page.

SHORT TERM WORK - specific projects

Any individual applying for a work permit for specific production &/or limited period of time can expect that the Guild will be consulted by the New Zealand Immigration Service for comment on the current labour market with respect to the applicant's occupation.

Production Companies apply to the Guild on behalf of international crew members they wish to engage. Crew in NZ are not usually employees, they are engaged as contractors, therefore a letter confirming a "job offer" is not appropriate. The communication between the Guild and Production Companies enables assessment establishing where need exists for international crew  (i.e. when local crew cannot fill a role).


New Zealand has a working holiday visa programme with countries including:

  • the UK
  • Ireland
  • the Netherlands
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Italy
  • France
  • Germany
  • Canada

We welcome crew working in New Zealand under these programmes but note that it is common practice for New Zealand crew to be engaged before international crew with working holiday visas. Limiting conditions on working holiday visas often preclude work on long term engagements.

Individuals should contact the New Zealand Embassy, Consulate or High Commission in their country of residence about working holiday visas.
Working Holiday Visa applications cannot be made in New Zealand.

Immigration New Zealand does not consult with the Guild regarding applications for working holiday visas.

STUDENT WORK - internships, work experience

The Guild is approached regarding students seeking work experience. Our industry is primarily project-based and has few substantial production companies who are able to sponsor work experience/internships for international crew. 

RESIDENCY - live and work permanently

The Guild may be consulted as appropriate by INZ when crew make personal applications for residency. However, the process of applying for residency does not typically require Guild input. Individuals should not approach or join the Guild in order to obtain support for applications for residency.

All Permanent Residents are welcome to join the Guild once residency is confirmed.


Immigration New Zealand: Working Holiday Programme

Immigration New Zealand: Work Permits

Immigration New Zealand: Work and Live Permanently


This document is presented as information by the New Zealand Film and Video Technicians' Guild. It does not represent the policy of the New Zealand Immigration Service.

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