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Standard timesheet

With information compiled from How to write an invoice 101, we have a sample invoice and timesheets.

Both crew and production accountants can have difficulty with invoices that have overtime, travel time and turnaround entries. There often isn’t enough room on the page. The Guild recommends using a timesheet in addition to an invoice.

Use a timesheet for:

  • Logging daily start and finish times
  • Reasons for overtime and turnaround breaks
  • Calculating total job overtime hours and turnaround penalty.

Use an invoice for:

  • Calculating total days into your fee
  • Calculating total overtime into fees
  • Calculating total turnaround into fees
  • Calculating GST and invoice total.

You can refer to our guide "How to write an Invoice 101" for more information.

Download sample invoice (PDF 44kb)
Download sample unpaid lunch timesheet (PDF 40kb)
Download sample paid lunch timesheet (PDF 40kb)

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