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The NZ Film and Video Technicians' Guild - as part of encouraging professionalism, growth and sustainability in the New Zealand Screen Production Industry - aims to:

  • Maximise employment opportunities for all New Zealand Screen Production workers on all productions produced in New Zealand.
  • Encourage and facilitate International Productions in New Zealand.

The Guild until February 2011 engaged in the immigration process for all non-New Zealanders** seeking temporary work in Screen Production in New Zealand via the Letter of Non Objection (LNO). The Department of Labour, Immigration New Zealand, has altered this process. For details see the INZ website: Temporary Work Permits


Appropriate Immigration Documentation is required for each international crew member a production company &/or producer wishes to bring into New Zealand to work:

  • Work Visas are required by individuals intending to work before they can commence travel to New Zealand.
  • Work Permits may be obtained by individuals once they reach the NZ border providing they carry the correct visa and meet border criteria. A Work Permit allows an individual to enter NZ in order to engage in work.

Information on this page applies to all genres of screen production, including:

  • Feature Film
  • Television Drama / Series
  • Television Commercial
  • Factual / News
  • Observed Reality / Constructed Reality
  • Travel and Documentary
  • Television and Non-Broadcast Production.

Application to Immigration New Zealand

Applications for appropriate documentation should be made - well in advance of travel dates - to offices of Immigration New Zealand (INZ), an arm of the Department of Labour, in New Zealand; OR to INZ offices or agents of INZ in other countries (e.g. New Zealand Embassy, Consulate or High Commission).

Applications for appropriate documentation must meet Immigration New Zealand work permit approval criteria, specific to the Screen Production Industry.


Application to NZFVTG for Letter of Support

The Guild assesses applications for Letters of Support (LOS) based on the criteria summarised below. All productions are entitled to expedite their applications by obtaining a LOS and submitting to an office or agent of INZ as described above.

**Australian passport holders are exempt from the requirements detailed here, under the Trans Tasman Tavel Arrangement Agreement, see Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade explanation: TTTA Those travelling to NZ on passports of a third country should seek advice from Immigration New Zealand.


The INZ work permit screen production policy is available as part of the INZ Operations Manual on the INZ web site:

INZ Specific Purpose or Event (web page)
Film industry personnel – requirements (web page)
INZ Operations Manual (PDF 1.4Mb)

This document represents the policy of the New Zealand Film and Video Technicians' Guild. It does not represent the policy of the Immigration New Zealand  service. Producers should seek independent advice with regard to New Zealand immigration law and consult the relevant section of the INZ Operations Manual (Temporary Enter, Chapter 34, Section WS3.1).

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