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INFORMATION: for Production Companies

INFORMATION: CREW seeking to work in NZ


All individuals* who intend to perform their occupation in New Zealand for any period of time  - regardless of receiving payment in New Zealand or elsewhere - are required to hold a Work or Residency Permit.

The NZFVTG works in partnership with Immigration New Zealand, assessing applications for Screen Production Crew seeking permission to work in New Zealand for a limited time.

*New Zealand & Australian passport holders are permitted to work in NZ without specific documentation. See more on our general info page.


APPLY FOR CREW for a Letter of Support (formerly Non Objection) to support a Temporary Work Permit Application.
NB This online application form is FOR CREW ONLY and should not be used for actors, presenters, directors or producers. 



DIRECTORS -   DEGNZ (Directors Editors Guild of New Zealand)

DEGNZ assess applications for Directors.
ADs (Assistant Directors) applications are assessed by NZFVTG.

PERFORMERS - Actors' Equity New Zealand

Actors Equity assess applications for actors, presenters, models, child actors and chaperones.
PA (Personal Assistant) applications, as well as those for other staff travelling to work directly with a performer (make up, costume) are assessed by NZFVTG.

PRODUCERS - SPADA (Screen Production & Development Association of NZ)

SPADA assess applications for all Producers, including Senior and Executive Producers.
Applications for other production staff, including Production Managers and Producers' Assistants, are assessed by NZFVTG. 

OTHERS not covered above

Where it is suspected that the absence of an LNO may affect a production shooting schedule; the NZFVTG will consider issuing Letters of Non Objection for individuals in roles not traditionally covered by our organisation.
(For example, advertising agency staff and clients, and translators required to accompany international productions to New Zealand.)

NZFVTG Immigration Policy

This document outlines the immigration policy of Immigration New Zealand (INZ) and the NZFVTG along with technical information regarding the application process: NZFVTG Immigration Policy (PDF 33kb)

*Crew in this case means everyone "below the line", NOT Directors, Producers.

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