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ANIMAL WELFARE Code for Screen Production Industry

Animal welfare code

The Code of Practice for Animal Welfare in the New Zealand screen production industry outlines best practice procedures on the use of animals in screen productions, paying attention to obligations under the Animal Welfare Act.

Download the NZ Animal Welfare Code (PDF 307kb)

The Animal Welfare Act 1999 sets out new responsibilities for the treatment of animals. Breaches of the Act involve prosecution, and substantial fines are possible. The Act also provides for the creation of mandatory, legislated Codes of Welfare.

The New Zealand screen production industry has an excellent record in its treatment of animals in the filming of feature films, television programmes and commercials. There is a lower use of animals in filming than some other countries and there have been very few recorded cases of accidents or injury and none of mistreatment.

The Code of Practice comprises a set of guidelines and best practice procedures. It has been compiled by a working group comprising SPADA and Technicians' Guild representatives.

In the unlikely event of a production company or animal handler being investigated under the Act, your knowledge of and adherence to the procedures outlined in the Code will be helpful to your case.

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