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12 Essential Facts they didn't teach you in film school

A collection of fundamentals for new entrants to - and veterans in need of a refresher about - the screen production industry.

Tax information for Screen Workers

 Information for people involved in the screen production industry. Developed in consultation with the screen production industry to ensure that it is relevant to those working in this area.

Get Paid Quickly - guide for contractors

Still waiting for payment from that job you did three months ago? Sharpen up on your business knowledge to help your accountant, PM and your cash flow.


The Techos' Guild guide to per diem rates and vehicle running cost reimbursement.

PLEASE NOTE - IRD guidelines have changed in 2011. Updates will be available shortly.

Contractors - How to write an invoice workshop 101

Writing an Invoice, the IR330, GST, Withholding Tax and more.

Crew Rates - A Guide

The Technicians' Guild hasn't traditionally listed crew rates as they are typically negotiated between the individual crew member and the producer, although we are concerned that rates are set with some measure of consistency.

Legal and contract advice

Advice is provided to members by a committee of senior members with extensive experience in contract issues and industry common practice.

Publications: The Blue Book

The Blue Book is the standard reference document of best practice processes for the engagment of crew in New Zealand.

ACC premiums for Contractors

Information for contractors about ACC premiums.

Standard timesheet

With information compiled from How to write an invoice 101, we have a sample invoice and timesheets.

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