Overseas Crew Letter of Non Objection fee $45NZD + GST/person

If you are familiar with the process of applying for Letters of Non Objection for crew members coming to work in New Zealand you can go direct to the form on our Immigration Page: www.nztecho.com. 

 The Techos' Guild only processes Letters of Non Objection for Crew.
For letter of non objection for Directors, Writers or Actors see the Immigration Website which lists appropriate contact details:

Contacts for Other Organisations Issuing LNOs


  • ONE Applications per Production (e.g. Film, TVC, Documentary...)
  • One or Many individual crew per application
  • Crew can be added to the application at any time.
  • Letters - One OR Many individuals applied for at one time.
  • Several Letter's may be issued over the period of a production.
  • Charges are per person plus urgent fees where relevant.


Go to Quick Links (in brown) on the right hand side, click on Immigration.
Read the relevant information before you begin the application process.
About half way down this page, click on the Work permit non-objection application form . This takes you through to the form to request a Letter of Non-Objection.

Production Details required include:

  •  Proposed production start date
  • Proposed production finish date (as best you can provide)
  • Areas where shooting will take place
  • Estimated budget
  • Estimated no of international crew/producers/cast
  • Estimated no of local crew/producers/cast

Crew Details we require include:

  • Name (as shown on passport)
  • Nationality (as per passport)
  • Department/Role
  • Arrival Date
  • Departure Date

We keep statistics about the number of crew and productions coming into New Zealand. ALL sensitive information is completely confidential.

There is a NZ$45 plus GST administration cost per person applied for.

Once you have completed your application, you will automatically receive an email acknowledging your application with a:

  • User Name 
  • Production Password

Use these to login and edit new or changed details e.g. 

  • ADD new individuals
  • UPDATE dates of entry and exit from NZ
  • UPDATE Production Name

QUESTIONS? Contact the Executive Officer on info@nztecho.com

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