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The government has released its work programme considering government support for the screen sector, including its response to the review of the New Zealand Film Commission (NZFC) by Sir Peter Jackson and David Court.

Major areas being considered include evaluations of the Large Budget Screen Production Grant and Screen Production Incentive Fund, screen training and professional development services, physical screen sector infrastructure, and New Zealand’s international film co-production agreements.  
The Ministries for Culture and Heritage and Economic Development are working together on a joint project which considers these and other initiatives. The work programme will go through to June 2012 and will involve consultation with other agencies and the wider screen sector.
See more background on the Ministry for Culture and Heritage site
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or read the stakeholder letter from the website

Large Budget Grant Review

As part of the Screen Sector review (screen sector work programme) feedback is being sought about the Large Budget Screen Grant. Colin Durville (MED) is seeking a 30-45 min Q&A regarding impressions of the LBG system and effectiveness for 14 December. Contact ASAP to express interest.

The Large Budget Screen Production Grant (“the Large Budget Grant”) is a financial incentive that was established by the Government in 2003 to support the production of large budget film and television productions in New Zealand.  

The Large Budget Grant currently provides a 15% rebate for large budget productions with qualifying New Zealand expenditure of at least $15 million

Evaluation scope and objectives  

The aim of the Large Budget Grant evaluation is to  provide an assessment of the effectiveness of the grant (including the PDV incentive). The evaluation will focus on the period July 2004 to April 2011. It will include reviewing: 

  • how effectively the grant has been implemented;  
  • what outcomes are attributable (directly or indirectly) to the scheme, such as additional jobs created or the transfer or creation of new skills and technology; 
  •  the overall economic benefit of the Large Budget Grant to the New Zealand economy; and 
  • what (if any) future changes to the Large Budget Grant that could enhance its effectiveness and international competitiveness. 

The findings of this evaluation will inform advice  to Cabinet in June 2012 on the screen sector work programme and specifically, the performance to date and opportunities to improve financial incentives to grow the screen industry in New Zealand.   

Stakeholder engagement 

The review will include scheduling a series of interviews and surveys with key stakeholders. 

This will include grant recipients and administrators and relevant industry bodies, firms and government agencies.  Interviews will be scheduled for November 2011 (NB stated time frames have been altered) and  the MED evaluation team will be in contact with stakeholders from early October to organise times. 

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