NZTechos' Workshop #3: Time to talk film industry safety May 2014

Auckland: 10th June, 8.30am-1.00pm

St Columbus Centre, 40 Vermont Street, Ponsonby

Queenstown: 11th June, 1.00pm–5.30pm
The Crown Plaza, 93 Beach Road

Wellington: 12th June, 1.30pm–5.30pm
Film Archives, 84 Taranaki Street, Wellington Central

GUEST SPEAKERS: Willy Heatley and Alun Bollinger

What are you liable for?
In light of the illumination of film industry safety concerns displayed by the international out pouring for Sarah’s Slate after an on set accident tragically caused her death. The NZFVTG in partnership with the NZFC invite everyone who works or plans to work in the New Zealand film industry to participate and contribute in a series of workshop/forums on safety.

Since 1993 the New Zealand film and video production industry has been guided by The Safety Code of Practice. (SCOP). This document remains the relevant document as to how we operate within the New Zealand film industry. However, confusion still reigns as to who is responsible and liable for safety compliance decisions:

  • Is it the independent contractor?
  • Is it the contracting production company?
  • Whose job is it to identify which parts of a production require a safety element? The Producer? The Production Manager? The Co-ordinator? You?
  • If it goes wrong who is ultimately responsible?
  • When should a safety officer be engaged?
  • What does the labour department say?
  • OSH – who, what, where are they?
  • When dangerous fatigue sets in – who do you speak to? (without losing face)
  • Who are Work Safe New Zealand?
  • Driving not just trucks but cars ... where is the line drawn?
  • What does Land Transport say?
  • What’s a safety plan and is it essential?

…the questions and confusion go on…

These “Workshop/Forums” are designed to shed light, and stimulate constructive discussion on areas of concerns and confusion. In the face of tightening budgets all departments have become causalities, safety not being immune to this. Safety should never be compromised, but it often is.

The workshop/forum will be introduced by Willy Heatley (20+ years) film safety within the NZ film industry and Alun Bollinger (DOP & NZFVTG President), with the support of Safety Officers nationally who will contribute throughout and highlight specific areas of safety within their own regions. Willy and Alun will cover and clarify basic safety within the industry but will encourage open discussion throughout the day.

Download the invite flyer here(PDF 287k)

Admission: FREE to NZFVT Guild Members / $25 for Non-Members
To register, email info@nztecho.com by Monday 5 June, 2014 (please put your region in the subject line)

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