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The New Zealand Film and Video Technicians' Guild Incorporated (NZF&VTG/The Techos' Guild) is a non-profit professional organisation representing the interests of film and video workers and allied crafts in the New Zealand screen production industry.

The Guild has a current membership of over 500 fully-paid members. The membership includes film and video camera, sound, lighting, grips, art department, makeup, wardrobe, assistant directors, editors, broadcast, set construction, location managers, production managers and co-ordinators, script supervisors, SPFX & VFX technicians, technical directors, animal wranglers, on-set nurses and safety.

The NZF&VTG represents and campaigns for fair and safe working conditions for all New Zealand film and video production workers and allied craft groups. By presenting a common voice, we offer professional advice, expert opinion and political influence throughout the sector.


The Guild was originally a mechanism to create solidarity in an industry which naturally forced freelancers to work independently as sole traders or small companies and fend for themselves. It was also an opportunity for like-minded individuals to get together and share experiences outside the chaos and pressure of being on the job.

The Technicians' Guild was first formed as part of “The Academy” in partnership with independent producers and directors in the early 1980’s. The Academy broke up in 1988 with the technicians registering the New Zealand Film and Video Technicians' Guild as incorporated societies in Auckland and Wellington. The two merged in 1996 with a national structure and two local branches. The Queenstown branch formed in 1999.


  • To provide New Zealand film and video technicians a professional organisation and forum of mutual benefit.
  • To promote the interests, opportunities for employment, welfare and safety of New Zealand film and video technicians.
  • To promote and maintain professional standards amongst New Zealand film and video technicians.
  • To communicate and to represent the interests of members in dealings with employers and operators in the New Zealand film and video industry on matters of concern to members.
  • To study, report on, and assist in respect of, complaints and problems within the New Zealand film and video industry.
  • To promote and maintain liaison with kindred organisations.
  • To promote knowledge of, and interest in, the objectives of the Society by means of meetings, exhibitions, lectures, publications, educational courses and all other forms of instruction and publicity.

The Guild also raises money for projects, publishes health and safety documents, lobbies government on related issues, works closely with other industry organisations to maintain industry standards, works with NZ immigration on work permit applications by overseas technicians.


The Guild is registered with the Companies Office as an incorporated society and is governed by a constitution. Download the constitution (PDF 127kb).

  • There are regional branches in Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown.
  • The Guild membership elects the national president and vice president and their branch chair and committee. The elections take pace in May, June or July.
  • Each branch committee nominates members to the national executive.

The president, executive and branch officials receive no remuneration or honorarium. However, the Guild can pay a limited fee to members who perform services for the Guild and make themselves unavailable for freelance work.

The national executive officer in the Auckland office manages the Guild on a day-to-day basis.

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