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Crew Request Help - Initial production details

What type of organisation are you applying on behalf of?

  •  NZ production companies are based in NZ and are overseeing a NZ production with no involvement of an international production company.
  •  NZ agents/fixers/line producers are working with/for an International Production Company overseeing an international or combined NZ-International production. The International Production Company's details must be included on the application.
  • Non-NZ Production Companies applying directly should have contracted the services of a NZ Line Producer or similar. Details should be provided in the notes, OR if requested, once the application is completed. Consider using your NZ Line Producer to complete the application under 'NZ Agents/Fixers' category

Most items on the application must be completed before moving on to the next item.

IMPORTANT! the email address entered MUST be correct as it is used to send you acknowledgements and confirmations.

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