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Membership form acknowledgement

Thank you for your membership application.

Your details have been saved, and the following instructions sent to your email.
Now we just need you to finalise the payment of your membership fee.

MONTHLY PAYMENTS - please contact the Guild accounts@nztecho.com

Instructions for setting up the automatic payment (from your bank to the Techos' bank) will be sent to you. Providing your unique membership number is essential before an automatic payment can be set up.


NB please do not use these reference details to set up monthly automatic payments.


Please include the following reference details

PAYEE Reference details:
payee/their statement (i.e. to show on Techo's statement) -

NEW Members ONLY -
New Member - Subs - Surname Initial
eg 'New member'  'subs'  'Bollinger A'

RENEWING Members -
Member - Membership Number - Surname Initial
e.g. 'Member'  '1333'  'Bollinger A'

PAYER Reference details:
payer/your statement eg 'techos guild'  'member fees'  '2010 year'

 ASB Bank: Mt Eden branch
12 3048 0251160 00

CHEQUES Personal or Bank:

Please make cheques payable to 'NZFVTG'.
Write your membership number (if known) on the back of the cheque.
Post to:

PO Box 68294
Auckland 1145



Once full payment is received a tax invoice will be sent.
NB Monthly payers will receive a yearly invoice in March, covering the previous year's payments.
A separate receipt is not required, the invoice is acceptable for tax purposes. Membership fees are tax deductable.


Welcome (back) to the Techos' Guild.




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