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updated: 21 Apr 16


(February, 2004 edition)

blue_book.gifThe Blue Book is the standard reference document of best practice processes for the engagement of screen production crew in New Zealand. It is jointly developed and published by the Technicians' Guild and the Screen Production & Development Association (SPADA).

A hardcopy version of the blue book is free to all members on joining the guild and available to non-members at NZ$50.00 + GST, payable by cheque or go to the PUBLICATIONS ONLINE ORDER FORM.

The Blue Book can also be read online, below (click to enlarge), or downloaded by clicking this link.


The Blue Book traces its origins back to the 1970's and reflects the common practice working conditions of screen production crew in New Zealand, along with the common practice of the international screen production industry. Other common practice agreements are the Pink Book (actors) and the White Book (writers).

The Technicians' Guild is currently preparing amendments to the Blue Book. These will be presented to SPADA for ratification and will be published on this web site.




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