New Zealand Screen Sector Health and Safety Guidelines

updated: 21 Apr 16

New Zealand Screen Sector Health and Safety Guidelines

The Code of Practice for Safety & Health in the New Zealand Film and Video Production Industry (SCOP) as from the 4th April 2016 no longer applies as the Safety Code of Practice for the NZ Screen Industry.   

ScreenSafe Limited is a Techos’ Guild project in collaboration with the NZ Screen Industry providing Guidelines for the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. 

Guidelines for the new Act are available on

The Guidelines are divided into five sections

Section One                          Introduction

Section Two                          Outcomes

Section Three                       What You Need To Know At A Glance

Section Four                         Complying With The Act
Section Five                          Technical Guidelines

 The original Part 3: Technical Guidelines of the SCOP, are in the process of being reviewed and rewritten.  They are part of Section Five at  Until individual sections are completed these sections are still relevant.  Please check the ScreenSafe website for updates.

The screen industry wishes to acknowledge the financial assistance of the New Zealand Film Commission (NZFC), New Zealand On Air, the Screen Production and Development Association (SPADA), New Zealand Film and Video Technicians Guild (NZFTVG), Screen Auckland and Screen Wellington in the development of these guidelines.

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