IMMIGRATION process changes for international crew

updated: 9 Feb 11

Immigration New Zealand (Department of Labour) is making changes to the process whereby a producer/production seeks to bring in crew on Temporary Work Permits for a Special Purpose or Event.

See the INZ website for more information:

How has the process changed?
  • Details of the production and individual crew must still be submitted to the Guild for assessment against the WS3.1 criteria. 
  • The details are submitted on an INZ form (but see also below)
  • Three days after submitting details to the Guild a work permit will be issued provided the Guild has not objected*

Does the process have to take three days?

  • No. A letter from the Guild allows INZ to waive the waiting time. The relevant office or agent of INZ can then issue the permit as soon as they have all the documentation*
  • Applying to the Guild for a letter is still via the online form
*and provided the applicant meets the generic requirements for a Work Permit.
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