Request a non-objection letter

  • The process for applying for a letter of non-objection is changing to a simpler downloadable form that you can fill out on your computer and email to  
  • You can save and re-use the form so you don't have fill out the production information more than once.  
  • Save the form for each crew member and email the completed forms to 
  • If you have a large number of crew members or any questions email enquiries to
  • The cost is NZ$51.75 including 15% GST per crew member.
  • The cost for urgent processing is NZ$138 including 15% GST per crew member.
  • You will be invoiced or directed to an online payment link when the forms are received.

Download form


  1. Before starting, download the latest fillable form - we often make improvements.
  2. This is a fillable form. Download the form and open in Acrobat Reader for Windows or Mac. Other programmes will not offer the fully interactive form and tend to generate errors. If you complete the form in your browser you will not be able to save it or send it. 
  3. As you save the form do not use options that offer to reduce the PDF files size - particularly the Quartz Filter on Mac Computers.  This removes data so it can no longer be read properly. 
Deselect reduce file size when saving on a Mac computer. Click above image for more information on Quartz filters.

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