The Blue Book

The Blue Book contains the standard conditions for for the engagement of screen production crew in New Zealand. 

It is developed and published by the Techos' Guild with cooperation from the Screen Production & Development Association (SPADA).

The Techos' Guild is preparing amendments to the 2004 edition of The  Blue Book. These are being negotiated with SPADA and will be published when additions and alterations have been agreed upon by both parties.

  • Members receive a hard copy of The Blue Book free of charge when they join  
  • You may purchase a hard copy by emailing your details and shipping address to ($63.25 inc GST and including shipping within New Zealand)

Background to The Blue Book

The Blue Book traces its origins back to the 1970's and reflects the common practice working conditions of screen production crew in New Zealand, along with the common practice of the international screen production industry. Other common practice agreements are the Pink Book (actors) and the White Book (writers).

The Techos' Guild is the short name for The New Zealand Film & Video Technicians Guild Incorporated.  

The Techos' Guild is supported by its members and the New Zealand Film Commission.

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